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The Eagles, SEPTA’s Public Transit Campaign To Take Flight

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The Philadelphia Eagles added another bright spot to their incredible 2022 NFL season: promoting public transportation. In January 2023, the NFL franchise partnered with the  Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) to emphasize public transportation’s environmental impact on air quality and traffic congestion. 

Serving around 6.23 million people, SEPTA provides bussing and railways for Greater Philadelphia, south New Jersey, and Delaware. Certain SEPTA buses will have the Eagles’ Go Green decal wrapped around the exterior. These decorations will include educational messaging about sustainability. 

“Not only does it reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, it helps to conserve energy, lowers our dependency on fossil fuel, and decreases congestion on the road,” said Norman Vossschulte, director of fan experience and sustainability for the Eagles. “SEPTA plays an important role in making our city run, and they have done so over the years by leading with first-class service.”

The team and SEPTA hailed this deal as a win for the city and team. Philadelphia’s municipal government continues emphasizing public transportation’s reliability while the football team gets some more advertising space. Fans are encouraged to take public transportation to events at Lincoln Financial Field and other parts of the city. 

Photo Courtesy Philadelphia Eagles

Sustainability has been a hot-button issue for SEPTA. The company is holding itself accountable for carbon emissions, community harmony, and economic accessibility. Therefore, allying itself with a powerful public image like the Eagles can be seen as a stroke of genius. Philadelphia-area residents love, and I mean LOVE, the team. Young or old, rich or low-income, the Birds bring people together. 

“Choosing to ride public transportation over single-occupancy vehicles is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Leslie S. Richards, SEPTA general manager and CEO. “Riding the bus, train, or trolley just one time this week can help lower the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which not only slows climate change, it also cuts down on traffic and improves air quality.”  

This deal coincides with the Eagles’ Go Green campaign. The program has earned recognition for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly business measures.

The team earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold Status from the U.S. Green Building Council, Star accreditation from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, and ISO 20121 certification. 

The Eagles are also the first American sports franchise to offset travel emissions through the Ocean Conservancy’s Blue Playbook. It consists of instructions sports teams can follow to reduce their carbon footprint.

Photo Courtesy SEPTA

This campaign is not the only sports-related marketing initiative SEPTA has carried out. After the NFC Divisional Championship game against the Giants on Jan. 29, SEPTA gave out free rides from NRG Station. Partnering with sportsbook company Unibet, anyone taking the Broad Street Line wasn’t charged. The free rides lasted until the end of service. 

This new agreement with SEPTA can hugely benefit the Eagles and Philadelphians. More people will be able to get to games without driving, which means less time finding a parking spot and more time tailgating. 

This deal is just another part of the Eagles’ impressive 2022 season. Although they did not bring home the NFL’s biggest prize, the Lombardi trophy, with efforts like this, the fans have much to be proud of their hometown team. 


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