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UK Factory To Produce Nissan’s All-Electric JUKE, Qashqai, LEAF

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At the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, Nissan unveiled two novel electric vehicles (EVs), the next generation of its lineup. The Hyper Urban Concept and Hyper Punk Concept on display at the convention will become the inspiration for the upcoming modern and electric JUKE and Qashqai cars. The plan is to produce these cars at the EV36Zero gigafactory in Sunderland, England. 

The factory will build these new EVs and the updated LEAF model — the car that springboarded the EV revolution. Nissan will spend up to £3 billion ($3.7 billion) on auto and battery manufacturing. The JUKE and the Qashqai are the second and third EVs to be built in the plant. According to company figures, more than a quarter million LEAF cars have been made here. 

The factory employs 7,000 people and supports another 30,000 across Nissan’s supply chain, a massive employment boost for the Sunderland community. 

Photo Courtesy Nissan

The production plant will be powered by an independent microgrid using 100% wind and solar energy. Nissan is allocating more than £1 billion ($1.25 billion) toward renewable energy suppliers. 

It builds off new legislation for North East England’s Investment Zone. This region will focus on Advanced Manufacturing and Green Industries. The Northumberland County Council estimates this will create another 4,000 jobs along the Tyneside corridor, stretching from Sunderland to Durham, dubbed the Arc of Innovation. 

“Exciting, electric vehicles are at the heart of our plans to achieve carbon neutrality,” Makoto Uchida, Nissan president and CEO, said in a statement. “With electric versions of our core European models on the way, we are accelerating towards a new era for Nissan, for industry, and for our customers.” 

Video Courtesy Nissan

Plans for the EV36Zero plant were revealed back in 2021 when EV battery manufacturer Envision AESC and the Sunderland City Council invested £1 billion ($1.4 billion) into the plant’s construction. It aims to be the largest auto production plant in the U.K. and will create most of Nissan’s U.K.-based cars. The company hopes that by 2030, investment will increase to £1.8 billion ($2.5 billion). 

The U.K. government is singing Nissan’s praises as it navigates this challenging economic period

“Nissan’s investment is a massive vote of confidence in the U.K.’s automotive industry, which already contributes a massive £71 billion a year to our economy,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed in a statement. “This venture will no doubt secure Sunderland’s future as the U.K.’s Silicon Valley for electric vehicle innovation and manufacturing.”


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