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Coffee Dispenser Brews Less Waste With Sustainable Pods

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It’s 7 a.m. You hit the alarm off switch and get out of bed. “Time for a hot cup of coffee to start the day,” you think to yourself. You find the perfect flavor, put it in the dispenser, and sip it casually as you prepare for the day. What happens to the pod you just used? 

Typically, it would end up as landfill waste, contributing to plastic waste that doesn’t decompose for years. Except you don’t have the Keurig and K-Cups. No, you have the hip, sustainable pod-based coffee dispenser, Bruvi.

Bruvi was founded in 2018 by Mel Elias and Sung Oh. The single-serve coffee maker’s selling points include making seven different beverages, like espresso and cold brew, but the biggest is how it combats waste from pod disposal. The company has gone out of its way to make containers, dubbed B-Pods, full of ethically-sourced grounds. However, the casing is the unique part. 

B-Pods have enzymes infused in the plastic molding, making them more biodegradable than leading competitors’ products. They will break down in landfills more quickly and leave behind no microplastics.

For a long time, experts warned about the unsustainable nature of Keurig or Nespresso. Now, consumers have a greener pod and coffee brewer to consider. 

“With Bruvi, we deliver supreme taste and enhanced convenience, plus our ingenious Guilt Free Toss® B-Pods to address the issues around pod disposal,” Elias said in a statement.

The Bruvi mission is to provide coffee lovers with an environmentally conscious machine and pod. According to the company, it packs all B-Pods under ethical work conditions, and no forced labor occurs at the farms of the firms’ house brands. 

Photo Courtesy Bruvi

As for the beans themselves, the company says it sources from forested lands for crops, using “only verified sustainable, 100% Arabica craft coffee.” No banned pesticides are used on these plants, and the firm ensures soil, water, and energy are conserved in production. All prices are transparent, and shareholders and customers can trace the coffee back to its origin. 

Bruvi says its green commitment also extends past its brews. The company reduces its emission footprint by shipping on established postal routes. While this might take longer, it helps keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Customers are also encouraged to order multiple boxes of pods to scale back the number of shipments. 

There’s no intermediary involved with Bruvi; the dispenser is shipped straight to the consumer. This arrangement also reduces emissions involved in shipping.

The firm says packaging is made strictly from recycled and recyclable materials. The machines are packed in reusable canvas bags to cut down on plastic padding. 

Don’t toss your machine away when it’s time to upgrade to a new Bruvi. The company provides customers with ideas on recycling older models or competing devices. Recycling brewers cuts back on electronic waste in landfills.

Photo Courtesy Bruvi

Another bonus of the dispenser — it’s intuitive. Each B-Pod yields the perfect cup of coffee using pressurized extraction, creating no excess during brewing. The pods are sealed to stay fresh for years. Less spoiled grounds mean fewer orders have to be filled, and fewer orders equal fewer wasted beans. 

Water isn’t wasted in the Bruvi, either. Since the extraction process brews the right amount per cup, the company says less water is needed for brewing. Energy is saved with heat only used for a specific cup size

The introductory retail price is $348. Unfortunately, there’s no milk frother included if you’re craving a latte, and K-Cups and Nespresso Pods aren’t compatible with the device. However, the company says more roasters will be working with it soon.


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