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The Spice Of Life: Sampl Delivers Variety Of Wine To Your Door

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Getting wine delivered to your front door is always nice. Big-name providers like Drizly and DoorDash have transformed how easy it is to get our favorite spirits to our homes with just a few taps on our phones. More services are available, some being more niche than others but with equally interesting business models. 

One such service is Sampl, a unique startup founded in 2022 and based in California, delivering organic wines from the Sonoma Valley region, the heartland of the American wine industry. Seven samples are sent to your door, but rather than a full bottle, a different blend is sent in capsules equivalent to a standard glass

This method is a much less wasteful practice than sending full-sized containers. Sometimes people only want one glass of wine or don’t know what they are looking for in a blend. Sampl provides a new tasting experience in the comfort of your pajamas and slippers.

Photo Courtesy Sampl

All the firm’s wines are organic and sustainably made, company representatives told The Business Download via email. The business began as an idea formed by Johan Eide, Miles Pepper, and Kerry Thedorf. The goal is to showcase how smaller wineries make great products, which seemed impossible before the digital age. Through partnerships with Sampl, the small-time vineyards get better exposure. 

What makes Sampl stand out from similar services is it’s tailored to individual tastes. The business strives to give its customers a curated experience they might get at a tasting but at their homes. “Sampl is your catalyst for making new wine discoveries,” the company website says.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, the company donates 1% of sales to various environmentally-conscious initiatives. They also don’t ship relabeled bulk wine; the blends provided are all chosen from high-end vineyards.  

“Real people grow these grapes. Real people make this wine. Real people choose the wines you get sent,” the company website says.

Even the capsules are sustainable and made from glass, keeping a closed-loop system that doesn’t require new materials for vials. This is representative of a shift in the industry as consumers are buying eco-friendly wines more frequently. 

Connoisseurs are increasingly interested in wineries’ commitments to sustainable methods. Using renewable energy for production, composting organic waste, and eliminating chemical fertilizers are all practices savvy buyers look for when purchasing a good chardonnay. 

Photo Courtesy Sampl

More wineries are earning their organic certification from the Department of Agriculture. State organizations like the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance and Sustainable In Practice certify vineyards’ eco-friendly practices.  

Do you want to get out of the house? The founders of Sampl also have two tasking rooms called Region. These venues are wine lovers’ paradise, with a massive selection of weekly features and events bringing customers closer together. They are located in Sebastopol and San Luis Obispo, CA. Of course, their inventory comes from local wineries, big and small. 

The one-time Sampl.01 package is priced at $80; however, there is a subscription with free shipping for $65. The Sampl.02 will be released in June, after which subscriptions will ship every other month. It comes with a smart coaster and a digital tasting experience guide. 

Currently, Sampl only ships in California; however, the company allows interested customers to sign up to be notified when more states are added.


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