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Green Sports Day 2023: All Of Our Sports Business Coverage

Green Sports Day is celebrating its eighth anniversary as more professional and amateur sports organizations band together to protect the planet. Thanks to the work of the Green Sports Alliance, Oct. 6 is the day to recognize companies like GSA, EcoAthletes, Oak View Group, and many other sports/entertainment organizations implementing sustainability in their business operations. 

We’ve covered everything from sports business and economics to the history of one of the best stories in English soccer. We encourage our readers to read our sports business coverage to celebrate the day when stadiums light up green to raise awareness about environmental issues. 

Interviews with Green Sports Alliance

Photo Courtesy Riley McCullough

Home Field

  • Head over to Michael Berick’s page here. He breaks down how stadiums from NFL football to minor-league baseball are going green. 

Photo Courtesy Vienna Reyes

Soccer Coverage

Photo Courtesy Gene Gallin

Football Coverage

Photo Courtesy NBA

Basketball Coverage

Photo Courtesy Seth Hoffman

Hockey Coverage

Photo courtesy Nike 

Tennis Coverage

Skiing/Snowboarding Coverage

Photo Courtesy Toyota Newsroom

Various Organizations/Initiatives

Photo Courtesy Team Penske

Motorsports Coverage

If you or your sports organization would like to be featured on The Business Download, we encourage you to contact us. We cover all sports, including alternative or rising leagues. We hope you enjoy your Green Sports Day and continue your support of The Business Download. 


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