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Boise Welcomes Recycled Building Material AZEK Co. To Town

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Boise, Idaho takes another step toward its commitment to 100 percent renewable energy by welcoming building materials designer the AZEK Company to town. AZEK is an industry-leading manufacturer of outdoor living and building products made of recycled materials, many of which utilize TimberTech, a popular sustainable decking. The Boise facility – a retrofit of an existing structure – will be AZEK’s ninth, joining existing facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. This expansion will positively affect the region by creating at least 100 new jobs and expanding the use of sustainable products in new construction across Idaho’s Treasure Valley.

AZEK has revolutionized the construction industry by using plastic waste, recycled wood, and scrap to create its product. In fact, during the 2020 fiscal year, more than 400 million pounds of scrap and waste were diverted from landfills into the company’s recycling programs. Additionally, AZEK set a lofty goal to divert one billion pounds of waste per year by 2026. It’s a perfect partnership for the sustainability-minded city of Boise.

“At AZEK, our values drive how we work. When deciding on a location for our new facility, we looked for a city that matched our values by putting sustainability at the heart of its operations and growth, as well as one that offered a highly skilled pool of candidates to join the AZEK family,” said AZEK CEO Jesse Singh. “We’re excited to partner with the state of Idaho and the city of Boise and support their forward-looking commitment to addressing climate change while strengthening AZEK’s geographic presence in the region, bringing new manufacturing jobs to the community, and meeting the strong demand for our beautiful, low-maintenance and sustainable outdoor living products.”

Idaho Governor Brad Little welcomed the company with open arms.

“Their history in manufacturing innovative and sustainable products with a focus on limiting waste and advancing recycling capabilities is a perfect match for Idaho’s business culture and environmental priorities,” he said.

AZEK and Boise are both expanding rapidly, focused on keeping products, people, and the planet at the heart of business. Boise is working on its first-ever climate action plan and has already committed to several ambitious goals, including becoming the first city in Idaho to commit to 100 percent renewable energy. AZEK is exploring several sustainability initiatives at the new facility, including LEED certification, solar and wind energies, high-efficiency water, and lighting systems, and the incorporation of smart site management. The majority of their products, which include decking, railing, trim and other accessories, are made of at least 80 percent recycled material. The materials have been praised for being both beautiful and long-lasting, adding a wow factor previously rare in the recycling world.

Both the city and the company are poised to move toward innovative building construction for  a more dynamic and sustainable future. As Boise continues to focus on a sustainable and clean future, companies like AZEK make it even easier.

“I’m excited to welcome a new company that will create great jobs and has a strong commitment to a dynamic and sustainable future,” said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. “I believe that AZEK is just the beginning of an innovative, green economy that will create dependable, good-paying jobs for all residents.”


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