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Uber says it’s working with Tesla to boost EV adoption among drivers

(Reuters) – Uber is working with Tesla to promote use of electric vehicles by its drivers in the United States as it works towards becoming emission-free in U.S. and Canadian cities by 2030, the ride-hailing platform told Reuters on Tuesday.

Uber is offering its drivers exclusive purchase incentives of up to $2,000 for Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y, apart from existing federal tax credits.

“We know from listening to Uber drivers that the cost of ownership and access to convenient charging are the top two barriers preventing them from going electric, and we are … (working with) Tesla to tackle both of these issues,” said Andrew Macdonald, senior vice president of mobility and business operations at Uber.

As per the initiative, drivers will be able to use a referral code to purchase vehicles directly from Tesla’s factory or from available inventory, while supplies last. They must purchase and receive the vehicle through March 31 and complete 100 trips by May 15 to be eligible.

Uber has initiated test drive events at Tesla stores.

Starting with New York City, Uber has begun sharing data with Tesla on where its drivers need charging infrastructure the most, which includes areas where drivers do most of their trips.

As of last year, Uber had 74,000 active EV drivers in the United States, Canada and Europe.  


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