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This Company Gives A Comfy Seat At The Good Business Table

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Ever wonder why ergonometric chairs have the innate ability to make any room in your house look like a fluorescently overlit office? So does The Cushion Lab. The American company reimagined what it takes to make a workspace and home comfortable, healthy, and supportive. Their unique products make any chair of your choosing ergonomic heaven, so you can stop wheeling the awkwardly-sized desk chair you took home from the office from room to room. 

Courtesy of Cushion Lab Instagram

The Cushion Lab has redefined the in-home work and relaxation experience by creating their revolutionary Pressure Relief Ergonomic Seat Cushion and Back Relief Pillow. The two products can work in tandem or individually to transform any chair in your home into the perfect work chair. 

Americans are spending more hours working now than they were in 2019, and with conference calls replacing in-person meetings, movement is at an all-time low. Between work-from-home with newly extended hours (according to reports), learn-from-home, and meals all in the same place, people are spending inordinate amounts of time plopped down at their tables or desks, and ergonomic seats aren’t always the most attractive options. The Cushion Lab is solving that problem. Whether you’re using a trendy, mid-century modern desk chair, your grandmother’s antique wood dining room chair, or a fancy, supposedly supportive chair that just needs a little boost, these products will make them as comfortable as a wing-backed leather swivel chair from Mad Men — without taking up all the space. Suits and hair gel not included. Their best-selling product also has a discreet elastic strap that fastens itself around the back to avoid the dreaded “pillow slide down” situation. 

Courtesy of Cushion Lab Instagram

Without a doubt, The Cushion Lab’s bread and butter is their Back Health & Comfort line, but they’ve more recently rolled out a Sleep Improvement line as well. Shredded memory foam pillows and weighted blankets help ensure you’re at your best all day and all night. 

While the product itself makes you feel comfortable, their good business practices will make you feel even better. This company is committed to creating a brighter future for our planet and has built its brand on sustainability, minimal carbon emissions, and responsible sourcing. Products are made out of 100 percent recycled polyester crafted from recycled bottles, bamboo fibers, organic cotton, and a patented Hyperfoam blend to help deliver the most luxurious sitting, napping, or traveling experience on the market. 

As a certified carbon neutral company, The Cushion Lab works hard to accelerate the corporate shift to good business practices. 

Courtesy of Cushion Lab Instagram

For the past year, they have paired up with OneTreePlanted, a renowned reforestation company that is on target to plant 6 million trees in the 2020 calendar year alone. 

From travel pillows to desk chair cushions, The Cushion Lab will relieve pressure on your back and do the same for the planet. 


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