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Spend Wisely on Your Next Toothbrush, Bottle of Vodka, and Porsche

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Sure, buying nothing at all would be best from an emissions perspective, and shipping can vastly alter a product’s climate impact. To that, we say: Your mileage may vary. 


GOOD:  Boie fine toothbrush $10
Made from a silicone-like material, called TPE, which stands up better to wear and tear and is totally recyclable.

BETTER:  Terra & Co. Brilliant Black bamboo toothbrush $12
Bamboo is lightweight, biodegradable, and sustainable— win, win, win.

BEST: Zero Waste Club bamboo toothbrush £3.99
Not only is this made of sustainable bamboo but the color on the handle is biodegradable, and the bristles can be returned to the company to be recycled.


GOOD: Green Mountain Distillers Original Sunshine $25
Made from family-farmed, 100% organic grains and Vermont spring water, this spirit is as smooth as it is climate-friendly.

BETTER: 360 vodka from $9.99
The swing-top bottle is designed for reuse at home, or it can be sent back to the company to be refilled and resold.

BEST: Air Co. $65 (for sale this summer)
Made via a specially developed carbon-negative fermentation process that uses carbon dioxide emissions captured from other nearby factories.


GOOD: 2020 Panamera E-Hybrid Sport Turismo $107,800
Gets 457 horsepower and hits a top speed of 170 mph in hybrid mode. Electric-only range is 14 miles—not enough for the highway, but it’ll get you around town.

BETTER: 2020 Taycan Turbo S $185,000
This all-electric can go almost 200 miles between recharges and will do zero-to-60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

BEST: 928 about $15,000 (try auctions at
Producing electric cars requires invasive mining and fossil fuels, too. Save some money and consider a vintage classic instead!


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