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Mesa Fire Department’s Vector Electric Truck Is In Service

Photo Courtesy BusinessWire

The Mesa Fire and Medical Department in Mesa, Arizona, has begun using its new Vector electric fire truck. E-ONE, a Florida-based firefighting vehicle producer, manufactured it. The environmentally friendly truck can conduct ground firefighting operations with 100% electric power, zero noise pollution, and zero emissions.

E-ONE, owned by REV Group, has produced some of the most advanced trucks in the firefighting business. They have created everything from traditional trucks to aerial vehicles. The company entered a deal with the Mesa Fire and Medical Department in 2021 to deploy one of the first fully electric North American fire trucks. This truck is part of Mesa’s Climate Action Plan, with the city hoping to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

“We are proud of what today signifies. As a department, we are taking a unique step towards improving the health and safety of our personnel,” Mary Cameli, fire chief, said in a press release. “Every innovative step that contributes to the overall health and safety of our personnel is a step in the right direction.”

“As a department, we are fortunate to be part of a city that uses data and research combined with technology and a willingness to test ideas and analyze the results,” she continued. “Trailblazing, the use of technology like this truck to help reduce the risks to our crews, exemplifies the Mesa Way.”

Photo Courtesy Amber Faust 

The truck will be housed at Station 221. Onboard, it has a charger capable of reaching full power in three and a half hours. The four hose lines can pump 750 gallons of water per minute for four hours before needing recharging. Station 221 is also one of the safest firehouses in Mesa. It has positive pressure airflow and decontamination areas to ensure maximum health and safety for firefighters. 

John Giles, Mesa’s mayor, believes the Vector can provide serious cost-efficiency and emissions reduction. 

“We look forward to this as a study in the potential cost-savings and efficiency of electric vehicles in City operations,” the mayor said in a statement. “This is further testament to Mesa’s investment in public safety and our Mesa Fire and Medical Department’s strong tradition of innovation and leadership in the state and the nation.” 

“On behalf of Fire Truck Solutions, E-ONE, and REV Fire Group, we are delighted that [the] City of Mesa and Mesa Fire and Medical have chosen the E-ONE to support the city’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050,” Mike Virnig, REV Fire Group president, said in a statement. “Thank you to the City of Mesa and Mesa Fire and Medical for your partnership.”

Photo Courtesy LAFD

Other U.S. cities are bringing in electric emergency vehicles. The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) worked with Austrian manufacturer Rosenbaur for their electric truck fleet. In 2020, Rosenbaur and the LAFD unveiled the concept truck. It arrived in early 2022 and was assigned to Fire Station 82 in the City of Angels. 

These municipal rulings are essential to combatting urban emissions. As more services switch to electric vehicles, they will need to be just as reliable as their gasoline counterparts, responding to emergencies effectively. Ambulances, fire trucks, and police vehicles need to get to places promptly. Doing it with less emissions is good for the health of citizens in the long run. 


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