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Honeywell Goes Carbon Neutral

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Finding more sustainable ways to do business has become a top priority for many major companies, with goals ranging from going carbon neutral to reducing greenhouse gasses that affect the environment. Honeywell, a Fortune 100 technology company that is responsible for many manufacturing plants and supply chains throughout the country, has announced its plans to become carbon neutral by 2035. 

Honeywell is a company that specializes in “industry-specific” solutions to aid in developing sustainable aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers. Honeywell has a positive track record of making movements towards more eco-friendly operations. They have innovated energy storage solutions such as batteries that store and use wind and solar power. They have also created technologies that support the decarbonization of energy by replacing natural gas with hydrogen. 

Photo Credit: Honeywell Home

“Our full pledge is to both go carbon neutral for our operations and facilities, but also to continue to investigate and evaluate carbon emissions up and down our supply chain and to quantify them and to address them where possible,” said Honeywell Chief Sustainability Officer Evan van Hook.

Their pledge came after the Biden administration increased focus on a more sustainable course for our economy. According to Yahoo Finance, Honeywell’s reported reductions in carbon will be documented publicly and third-party verified pursuant to The Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

While their commitment to the carbon neutrality goal isn’t new, Honeywell is making a commitment to creating more products and technologies that help the earth. These new goals will be added to their 2024 targets to decrease Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 10 percent, release more renewable energy opportunities, and achieve energy management certifications at 10 facilities.

“Honeywell continues to invest in other leading-edge sustainability technologies, including energy storage solutions such as flow batteries that allow surplus wind and solar power to be stored and used when needed, along with technologies to support the decarbonization of residential, commercial, and industrial energy by replacing natural gas with hydrogen,” the press release said.

Photo Credit: Honeywell Home

They have been working towards making their facilities more sustainable and have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 90% since 2004. In addition, Honeywell has implemented over 5 thousand sustainability projects since 2010 that have saved millions of dollars in cost. 

Honeywell’s Solstice line, a collection of more environmentally-friendly potential refrigerants, propellants, and solvents, has helped avoid the emission of 200 million metric tons of carbon dioxide – which equates to taking 42 million cars off the road for one year. 

“Companies like Honeywell have a unique role to play in shaping a future that is safer and more sustainable for our children and our grandchildren, and that’s why I am pleased to commit to achieving carbon-neutral facilities and operations by 2035,” said Darius Adamczyk, chairman, and chief executive officer of Honeywell. “We will continue to invest in our plants and in new technologies that will reduce our carbon footprint and contribute significantly to global efforts to mitigate climate change.”


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