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Going To The Chapel: Ring Bear Offers Eco-Friendly Wedding Bands

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Weddings are a milestone for many of us. Everyone is hoping for the perfect day, and you’ve got to look the part, of course. Part of the preparation is picking out your wedding band, which can be difficult. They can be expensive and often bland in design. 

RING BEAR wedding bands for men are different from traditional versions. These rings are made from recycled precious metals, which aim to save resources while being cost-effective without sacrificing quality. Founder David Schoenfeld has created a unique business providing an eco-friendly alternative. 

Coming from a background in product development and working with Apple, Schoenfeld, who founded the Washington state-based company in 2020, was inspired by his friends getting married and the utility and design of the computer giant’s products. 

“For the average guy who’s consumed with work and other activities, they didn’t really know where to start [looking for rings],” Schoenfeld told The Business Download. “So, I felt like there was a way to bring an enhanced product to market as well as help the guy I know and love to make this pretty weighted decision around what band you’ve never worn before, but now you’re supposed to wear for 40–50 years.”  

Photo Courtesy RING BEAR

According to the company website, excavating new gold damages the planet, with 75% of the world’s stockpile still being freshly mined. By using recycled materials, RING BEAR strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from this process. Creating the jewelry with recycled gold and platinum only requires 3% of the energy and 1% of the water and emits 1% of the carbon dioxide of gold mining.  

Using recycled materials doesn’t affect the quality of RING BEAR’s products, as they still have the same monetary value as new rings. And fear not: the band will look as shiny as the freshly-minted version.

“We have an abundance of gold that can be recycled when you think about tech scraps from iPhones to existing jewelry that gets melted down,” Schoenfeld explained. “Yet, there’s still a demand for newly-minted gold.”  

The company is involved in other environmental initiatives designed to offset emissions further. It plants trees to sequester carbon and improve air and water quality. Trees naturally support the biodiversity of various vegetation species. They also lower temperatures in cities by 45 degrees, a significant attribute as the population continues to shift toward urban areas. 

Trees also prevent wildfires, a problem that has ravaged the U.S. West Coast and Australia for years. According to the RING BEAR’s website, wildfire smoke makes up 25% of U.S. fine particle pollution.

Photo Courtesy RING BEAR

“We work with Carbon Fund to assess and offset our remaining emissions each year,” Schoenfeld said. “We really look to get the forefront and reduce emissions before it comes to that, though.”  

RING BEAR’s wedding bands are affordable as well as sustainable. Pricing is sorted by karat count so that the rings cost between $425 to $849 for gold and $949 for platinum. There is also a new line of tungsten-and-wood bands if customers want a different style than traditional metal. 

When asked if the business will expand into precious stones or other metals, Schoenfeld asserted they will work with the current lineup for now. 

What makes RING BEAR’s retail experience different from traditional wedding band shopping is the “Try Before You Buy” program.

Customers can try three to five rings before picking one out. It’s all free to do so, and the kit comes with a measuring tape to get the correct size. 

Photo Courtesy RING BEAR

“This is something historically everyone did in a store. They make you sit and wait then forget what you wanted or don’t have your size or style,” Schoenfeld said. “Trying rings at home eliminates all of that friction of going to a store and lets you choose from a wider assortment and do it on your time.”

“We absolutely see customers enjoying the experience. It’s a fun way to continue this wedding planning,” he continued.

RING BEAR offers a planet-friendly product that makes men look their best on their wedding day. The company’s services can make finding the best ring easy while doing something good for the planet.  


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