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Fresh Victor Stirs Things Up With Cold-Pressed Cocktail Mixers

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Organic and all-natural cocktails are on the rise. More bars and restaurants are incorporating fresh juice and botanicals into their bar supplies, and they’re also available for direct-to-consumer purchases. Fresh Victor is doing just that with its all-natural, cold-pressed mixers. The Northern California company has expanded its reach as national distribution continues. 

The mixers are made with fresh fruit, simple herbs, and spice. Some flavors include grapefruit and sea salt, strawberry and lemon, cactus pear and pomegranate, pineapple and ginger, Mexican lime and agave, jalapeno and lime, lemon sour, and three citrus and mint. 

The company started in March 2017 under the guidance of CEO and founder Ken MacKenzie. He promoted his product with events and parties that showcased the flavors. It took him about 18 months to create his first lime mixer, sparking an inaugural five flavors and expanding to nine juices.

Photo Courtesy Fresh Victor

“Initially, 70% of business was from on-premises use in bars, hotels, restaurants, etc., and 30% was retail in grocery stores. My educated guess is that currently, we’re at 50% on-premises, 30% off, and 30% direct consumer sales from the website,” MacKenzie told “Total Food Service.” “Fifteen percent of that is consumers asking for mocktails or low alcohol alternatives, and this is huge today because at one point it was 0%.” 

Fresh Victor is different because the juices have to be refrigerated because they have no preservatives. They are low-calories, averaging around 75–90 calories per bottle and only reaching 150 with alcohol included. The juice is non-GMO and kosher, as well. 

The pandemic forced MacKenzie to shift his business strategy when lockdowns pushed everyone inside. He pivoted to grocery stores and delivery services as people started drinking in their homes.

Noting that drinking was reportedly up 400% during the height of COVID and the move toward mocktails, MacKenzie pivoted to capitalize on both trends.

Before MacKenzie founded Fresh Victor, he worked in the beverage industry, where he learned about the tequila trade while spending time in Guadalajara, Mexico. He also co-founded Republic Tequila in 2008.  

MacKenzie went to the U.S. to give seminars about tequila. He said this was the moment he realized he could start another business. Liquor creators were always concerned about sourcing the freshest ingredients. The same could be said for mixers.

“I thought if I could take away the pain points of sourcing and preparing fresh ingredients, it would be a whole lot easier for anyone making drinks,” MacKenzie said on the Fresh Victor website. 

Photo Courtesy Fresh Victor

“What I love about it is that it’s going to suit a multitude of people. We initially launched five flavors, gained attention, and wanted to continue exploring mixers,” he explained to “Total Food Service. “I had a lot of friends who dropped out of drinking for a myriad of different reasons.” 

“With these mixers, you can complement it with sparkling water next to someone pairing it with tequila and not feel ostracized,” he continued. “You are drinking the exact same ingredients as the person using alcohol with their cocktail; you just have a mocktail version. You can actually talk about the flavors and how and why you appreciate the drinks.”  

Fresh Victor products have been highly decorated.

USA Today readers voted it the #3 Best Craft Mixer Brand in 2022. The company also won multiple gold medals at San Francisco beverage contests, it told The Business Download via email.

You can purchase Fresh Victor in 70 Bay Area retailers like Whole Foods, Mollie Stones, Draeger’s, Epicurean Trader, and Raley’s. There is also a retail presence in Idaho, Missouri, and Illinois. 

Online orders are available at the Fresh Victor website, Williams-Sonoma, and It’s nationally distributed through Sysco, Performance Food Group, US Foods, KeHE, Shamrock Foods, and POD. You might see these mixers at your favorite drinks spot soon enough. 

“Our goal is that both your Monday and Saturday bartenders who bring a very different skill set to your team can confidently and efficiently create the same drink,” MacKenzie told “Total Food Service.”


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