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Firm On A Mission To Turn Corporate Carbon Offest Into Assets

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Mission 6 is encouraging corporations to become net-zero through a profit-based incentive system. The Carbon Assets™ cryptocurrency ecosystem empowers companies with a clear message: “transforming carbon offsets into carbon assets.” The firm meets companies where they fail on carbon emissions and guides their balance sheets to monetize carbon offsets previously seen as non-financial. Mission 6 aims to make sustainability profitable worldwide.

“Social pressure and regulation create friction and resistance,” explained Mission 6 CEO Kevin Carriere. “Policy changes take too long, and we do not have enough time to wait. We are using technology and incentive to create maximum impact…Mission 6 is here to add technology and scale [to legacy cryptocurrency carbon markets while integrating the existing carbon market.”

Photo Courtesy Mission 6

This spring, Mission 6 held its charter member summit in Texas. Leaders of corporations such as JPMorgan Chase, Pro Star Energy, HCA Healthcare, Point B, and the Dallas Cowboys learned how the company turns carbon offset credits into digital assets.

These assets can be exchanged via international cryptocurrency markets using the firm’s Carbon Assets™ Ecosystem and Energy Carbon Registry. Mission 6 says this global market allows all corporations to save energy, lower emissions, and make money from it. It also eliminates any attempt to “greenwash” carbon emissions.

“The technology behind Mission 6 has been developed and field tested over 15 years,” Carriere said. “It is designed to overcome the challenges of the legacy carbon markets in addressing climate change. We focus on energy, as it is the largest source of emissions, but will add the other sectors of the market to the platform. Mass participation is key, but currently, more than 90% of the market is excluded. Mission 6 is here to build on … momentum with technology.”

Photo Courtesy Mission 6

Mission 6 combines the pre-existing net-zero blockchain with carbon offsets to create a form of cryptocurrency that, according to Gary Hartman, executive project manager, “reduces energy and emissions when mined.” By using an Energy Carbon Registry, which verifies how energy-efficient corporate projects are, corporations receive real-time analytics for custom emission offsets. 

These analytics give corporations the data they need to scale and verify their carbon impact. If a corporation already has assets on the legacy market, some may be converted to the new system, which provides better, more specialized information.

In the end, Mission 6’s goal is to “generate more project capital, add to collateral, and drive efficiency re-invest” on each corporate balance sheet.

Companies like Mission 6 are revolutionizing how global corporations treat carbon emissions. By turning a formerly non-profitable concept into a valuable trading asset available worldwide, Mission 6 is making the move toward net-zero emissions more logical for everyone. This new, easily-accessible, and profit-based solution helps clear the path toward a greener corporate approach for the future. At heart, Mission 6 wants to save the planet by lowering carbon emissions. The company is particularly focused on monitoring the environmental impact of HVAC systems, the growth of which could negate all carbon emissions.

Photo Courtesy Mission 6“Preventing carbon emissions must take the lead in our sustainability efforts. We have to substantially reduce the amount of carbon we are emitting to buy time to allow carbon capture technology to become fully effective,” Hartman added. “… This is a model that makes carbon trading accessible to everyone. The effort is unique in its ability to measure and verify the carbon impact, resulting in the highest quality carbon assets verified by technology and science.”


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