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B-Brief: Bud Light’s Climate Neutral Beer, Pokémon GO Gets Sustainable | Weekly News Update

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B-Brief covers sustainable and innovative business news from the past week. Today we break down Bud Light Next’s Climate Neutral Certification, Pokémon GO Developer Niantic Gets Sustainability, Carbontech, and more!

Want a quick rundown on all things sustainable, innovative, and sustainably innovative? Check out our Youtube B-Brief playlist:

Our Story Segments:

0:00 B-Brief: A Brief Intro
0:10 Climate Neutral Bud Light Next
0:32 Niantic’s Pokémon GO Sustainability Week
0:57 Kroger Co and Kipster Farms Partner Up
1:17 DGTL: The 100% Sustainable, Circular Festival
1:45 Chris Sacca Doubles Down on Carbon Tech
2:11 ADM’s First Sustainable Bond
2:36 Global Citizen Launches 6 New Funds
3:00 Beta Technologies Raises Millions More
3:26 A Concise Conclusion

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