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Pioneers In Floating Off-Shore Wind Power Maine

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Forty miles off the coast of Maine, a group of engineers and scientists are on the brink of a technological breakthrough that could bring the state domestic resilient clean power – enough for all of Maine- even if everyone drove EVs. 

Jacob Ward and Anthony Viselli both grew up in rural Maine and graduated from the University of Maine. They both studied with Dr. Habib Dagher, and helped to develop one of the most innovative solutions for domestic energy off the coast of their native state. As the country works towards greater and cleaner energy resilience, this discovery could potentially offer millions of Americans affordable, renewable electricity.

In 2013, the University of Maine launched America’s first floating wind turbine and the Department of Energy granted them additional funding to build a full-scale floating turbine off the coast of Monhegan Island. In 2021, the state legislature voted to expand UMaine’s project to 12 turbines. Today, the team is making history – and making sure the United States leads the world – in renewable off-shore wind power. This American Innovators story is another example of how our brilliant and creative country is working towards practical solutions for a more sustainable future.  

As the nation seeks as many domestic power sources as possible, amidst global turmoil, these floating wind turbines beyond the horizon could be a critical part of the equation to keeping costs down while moving towards a more sustainable future. 


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