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Consensus In Conversation With Luke’s Lobster

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Luke’s Lobster: A Recipe for Sustainable Success

One major  professional goal this year was creating a podcast. Thanks to an awesome team, we launched Consensus in Conversation this week. And I am particularly grateful to our friends at Luke’s Lobster for agreeing to be my first interview. I spoke to founders Luke Holden and Ben Conniff about their exciting early days and dedication to building a better world for the next generations.

As the lobster industry has taken center stage amidst a complex environmental discussion, it is even more important to have these conversations. My key takeaway: All stakeholders – fishermen, businesses, policymakers, environmentalists, and the community – must come to the table in good faith to achieve a sustainable future that offers the greatest economic, environmental and social promise. After all, Luke and Ben remind us that Maine’s lobstermen were the original chief sustainability officers.

And after you listen, be sure to watch our Made In America episode featuring Lukes! Spoiler Alert: you may be craving a lobster roll when it’s over. 


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