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Made In America: Maine

Hidden away in small towns, on family farms, down winding roads, are uplifting American stories of innovation and strength – stories of what this country makes, and what makes this country great. We survive the toughest of times and we celebrate our victories. That’s the essence of being Made in America.

American Innovators: The Americans Bringing Clean Energy to their State

Jacob Ward and Anthony Viselli both grew up in Maine, and now they want to make clean energy from floating wind turbines off the coast of Maine.

Farms Across America: One Family’s Regenerative Farming Techniques

The Jackson family uses regenerative farming techniques in Maine to restore the land, capture carbon, increase the harvest, and feed their community with nutrient-rich food. Learn how Jackson Regenerational Farm reduces waste, offsets harmful methane in the atmosphere, and turns our food scraps into future food.

Glass Half Full: Share a Beer with Goats at this Brewery

Drink beer with a goat, enjoy sustainable agriculture, and raise a glass at Turning Page Farms Brewery in Maine.

American Innovators: The World’s Biggest 3D Printed Boat

Researchers at the University of Maine are making great strides for the world of large-scale 3D printing, and they’re doing it sustainably, exploring ways 3D printed homes could be an affordable, efficient, and adaptable solution to America’s housing crisis.

Farms Across America: The Lobster Business Doing Things Differently

Luke’s Lobster started as a single lobster shack, and it has grown into a sustainable lobster empire, with restaurants in ten U.S. states, Japan, and Singapore.