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Made In America: Glass Half Full

Beer brings us together. So does whiskey, wine, and all the things we brew, distill, shake, stir and sip. Every state has their own favorite brew, so raise a glass with us to the distilleries and breweries helping to build our communities, strengthen our economies, and take care of the environment while they’re at it. Oh, and don’t forget the coffee roasters, we’re gonna need them in the morning.

Glass Half Full: Brewing Heritage Beer in West Virginia’s Greenbrier Valley

Put a table full of strangers from any city together and ask them to discover a Beer brings people together and Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company is leading the charge to build a strong brewery community across West Virginia, creating new jobs, forging new ties, and making a name for WV beer. With beers like Mothman Black IPA, Bat Boy Black Lager, and Old Ran’l Pilsner and Devil Anse IPA, named after the legendary Hatfield & McCoy feud, Greenbrier brews heritage into each and every drop. People say they see themselves in the beer.

It’s a sense of pride. So is their workforce. With a nearly 50% female production crew, Greenbrier is one of the more diverse breweries east of the Mississippi. They were the first in WV to participate in the US Department of Labor’s apprenticeship program, built to bring young people back to the state to invest in their communities and find the resources they need to call West Virginia home.

Glass Half Full: Husband and Wife Brewers Build Hometown Beer Legacy

Glass Half Full: A Couple’s Hometown Brewery

Matt and Ashley Kwasniewski of Big Timber Brewing see untapped potential for Matt’s hometown of Elkins, West Virginia, so they’re leading by example, moving their already sizable brewery down to the Tygart Valley River to show the town and entire country what a wonderful place West Virginia can be.

While West Virginia may not be known as a craft beer powerhouse, that is changing. At 30% annual growth in 2019, beverages rank as the fastest-growing manufacturing sector in the state.

Glass Half Full: Drink Beer With A Goat At Turning Page Farm In Maine

Drink beer with a goat, enjoy sustainable agriculture, and raise a glass at Turning Page Farms Brewery in Maine.

High school sweethearts from Ohio, Tim and Joy Bueschen spent years traveling the world, only to find themselves back home in America, building a sustainable business in #agriculture and #beer. An affinity for goats and a love of #homebrewing led the couple to their unconventional destiny. Tired of climbing the corporate ladder, they quit their jobs and found an old farm in Monson, Maine, in need of some serious love.

Glass Half Full: Solar Powered Beer at Four Peaks Brewing

Four Peaks Brewing Company is one of America’s largest craft breweries. We visit Arizona to see how they brew craft beers using solar power, and learn more about their community and sustainability initiatives. Oh, and taste some great beer!

Glass Half Full: Sierra Nevada Brews a Sustainable Family Business

Ask any craft beer fanatic about the brewers who made small-batch brewing a BIG thing and they’ll surely name Sierra Nevada. Founded in 1980 by Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada quickly grew from small-batch beer brewed in recycled dairy equipment, to a 1.1 million barrel operation with two locations on opposite coasts.