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Made In America: Farms Across America

Our stories are about America’s Farmers. They put the heart and soul in the heartland and grow our economy from the ground up, rooted in honest hard work and hope for the future.

Farms Across America: A Family Grows Regenerative Agriculture In Maine

Farms Across America: Growing Hope in Appalachia with Patriot Guardens

Patriot Guardens helps to build resiliency in veterans and civilians across West Virginia, bringing them back to the land to heal themselves, while revitalizing the local community and economy. 

Farms Across America: The Best Lobster Roll is a Sustainable Lobster Roll – Luke’s Lobster

In Luke’s case, they are transforming alongside their industry – helping to make lobster fishing more sustainable; and working to make the sector carbon neutral while they are at it. It is just the continuation of a family legacy. 

Farms Across America: Restaurants and Farmers Grow Food in the Desert

Farms Across America travels to Tucson, Arizona to explore how local restaurants and farmers are growing a sustainable food scene in the desert.

In Tucson, all roads lead to 5 Points, especially around lunchtime, when you’re lucky if you can step foot in the door, let alone land a coveted corner table. We catch up with owners Jasper Ludwig and Brian Haskins whose dream to start a neighborhood restaurant with good food, coffee, and groceries has grown into a full-fledged community with its own sustainable supply chain serving southern Arizona.

One U.S. Food Bank’s Unique Solution to End Hunger | Farms Across America

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle aims to end hunger with a unique, sustainable solution: the food bank is teaching Americans how to grow their own food, diverting tons of methane in the process. More than 38 million people, including 12 million children, in the United States are food insecure, and with inflation on the rise, this is only increasing.