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Made In America: Arizona

Hidden away in small towns, on family farms, down winding roads, are uplifting American stories of innovation and strength – stories of what this country makes, and what makes this country great. We survive the toughest of times and we celebrate our victories. That’s the essence of being Made in America.

American Innovators: How America’s Hottest City is Handling the Heat

Summers in Phoenix, Arizona reach temperatures as hot as 120 degrees. Cooling America’s hottest city requires innovation: we visit Phoenix to meet the innovators and researchers working towards a sustainable solution.

Farms Across America: Restaurants and Farmers Grow Food in the Desert

Farms Across America travels to Tucson, Arizona to explore how local restaurants and farmers are growing a sustainable food scene in the desert.

Glass Half Full: Solar Powered Beer at Four Peaks Brewing

Four Peaks Brewing Company is one of America’s largest craft breweries. We visit Arizona to see how they brew craft beers using solar power, and learn more about their community and sustainability initiatives. Oh, and taste some great beer!